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Corona-Virus May Be Spreading Unseen in Yemen, Syria & Libya:

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Libya, Yemen and Syria have been suffering civil wars for much of the last decade

Yemen is divided between a Saudi-backed official government and the Iranian-backed Houthis and other breakaway groups, extremists and tribal fighters throughout other areas.

Yemen has already suffered from famine and deprivation. Now it is threatened by a pandemic. It recorded its first case over the weekend. Yemen could face a “nightmare” scenario aid groups have warned amid the corona virus pandemic being one of several countries in the Middle East where ongoing conflict and division make it 'impossible' to test for the virus or provide basic services to those who may be affected.

Libya is divided between the Turkish and Qatar-backed government in Tripoli and Khalifa Haftar’s national army that is backed by Egypt, the UAE, Saudis, Russia and France. There are also extremist groups in Libya.

Syria is divided into three parts, between the Damascus government controlled by Bashar Alassad backed by Iran and Russia in the West. Turkey backed forces in the North, while US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces control the East.

The way that testing is generally recorded for corona virus is through the official governments of these countries. This means that when governments control only a small sliver of the country, they can only test in that area. But the UN and WHO and other international groups don’t mind this procedure, generally ignoring the truths of these countries.

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