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Mass Flooding in the Capital, Famine, War and Covid-19. What's next for Yemen?

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Massive flash floods have ravaged the capital of Yemen this past 2 days. In the first video the person recording can be heard saying there is a woman stuck in the car, as bystanders rush in the raging waters to save her.

Shops, properties and entire markets, were destroyed before the waters subsided. Unfortunately for the people who lost their homes, businesses and possessions, they will not be compensated. Yemen, being in the state that it's in, there is no government or private insurance programs currently available to help the people.

As the Houthis battle Saudi Arabia and the Arab Coalition on multiple fronts in the North. The Southern Resistance backed by the UAE is battling the internationally recognized government for control of the South. Adding the fact that the Arab Coalition has imposed a complete land, air and sea blockade on the country since 2015, leading to the 'Largest Humanitarian Crisis on the Planet'. Covid-19 and this flood are just the new additions to the massive problems this country is already facing.

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